Live In Colour

Make your project visible


Especially when your project is not yet realized visualization is important. Clients and stakeholders want to see your plans and discuss it. This is possible by projecting your model on a plane or even on the 3D area where the building is going to come! For restoration projects the results can be projected and seen before any work on site has actually started.

In architecture the use of image becomes popular. Buildings have active fronts and are able to change color or even show pictures. Facades are no longer static but they can change throughout the day. Most of the times this is a mixture of low and high resolution planes. The high resolution can show videos and marketing adds; the low resolution is part of the design of the building.

Live in Colour can advise in the usage of active media on buildings or other objects. We can create content and "program the building". Of course we can visualize these kind of projects.

  • Architectural lighting
  • Image on buildings
  • Virtual reality
  • 3D warping
  • Building information model
  • Project visualization
  • Restoration
Change the streetview
Moving images and animation become part of the world outside. It is no longer restricted to cinema or event hall.